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Blogging Squared: Blog Consultancy

Blogging SquaredI try to keep a keen eye on the industry that helps design, develop, and manage blogs, and that arena has a new entrant with Blogging Squared, a group from Ottawa, Ontario Canada led by someone I know very well, John Wiseman. Blogging Squared provides services like custom blog design, training sessions, blog development, search engine optimization, and maintenance.
One of the more interesting additions to what they do is the training sessions. They have them set up for small businesses which includes information on building relationships with their audience, and thought leadership.
I had a chance to ask John why he would start Blogging Squared:

I’ve been involved in web development for about six years now. Three years ago when I started blogging, I had no idea blogs would be so influential. I still enjoy writing for my blog but have developed a real interest for designing them. Moving away from web design and focusing on blog design and consulting has been a natural transition for me. I really enjoy teaching small businesses about the power of blogs and helping them grow their online presence. It’s really a pleasure to wake up every morning and know that I’ll be working on projects that I’m passionate about.

In continuing with this, Blogging Squared has set up a blog on their site, and they dish out some great information and advice, much of it specifically directed at things they have found that are useful for the WordPress blogging community which is their focus.
You can find John Wiseman at Blogging Squared, or his personal blog
Note: They are also looking for great WordPress talent, and so if you are someone that can take a PSD and make it into a WordPress theme quickly and following web standards, then contact John through the contact form on Blogging Squared.