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BloggyNetwork: Pay per Post vs Flat-Fee

Ahmed has posted an interesting behind the scenes look at the payment model for Bloggy Network. It is interesting to note that Bloggy Network is one of the few, nearly only blog networks that pays a flat fee.

So when it came to Bloggy Network and our paid bloggers, we never took on a pay-per-post model. I absolutely hate it. Successful blogs produce compelling content. They are insightful, interesting, and require some research. When a person is being paid per post, what motivation does he/she have in producing excellence? A pay per post model, imo, simply encourages people to post as often as you want. Of course there is a certain level of editorial control, but defining requirements is a non-trivial task. It isn’t fun.

Read Ahmed’s full post on Tech Soapbox, it’s an interesting look at how things are run in the network that pays my bills.