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Blogs About Business Travel Begin to Feel the Power

Over on The New York Times, you can start to understand how bloggers are slowly shifting corporate opinions and actions with their article on business travel bloggers starting to change the way companies treat travellers.

He had reserved a room at the Muse Hotel near Times Square, with the understanding that the rate would include free Internet access. But when he plugged into the high-speed data network, Mr. Broback, a conference organizer from Woodinville, Wash., was asked to pay $9.95 to connect.
“I asked about it at the front desk, and was told that the box to connect to the Internet was included in my stay,” he said. “Getting it to work would cost $9.95 a day.”
Frustrated, Mr. Broback posted an entry on his Web journal about the experience. Less than two weeks later, a hotel manager sent an e-mail to apologize, refunded his Internet connection fee and pledged to change how the hotel discloses its surcharges.

A great article, and I hope to see more shifts in how consumers are treated by companies thanks to bloggers of many niches speaking out.