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An interesting idea that is starting to gain some attention is the idea of blogsitting, a service that would connect bloggers with a bit of extra free time, looking for exposure to blogs where the primary writer is taking a break, but does not want the site to do the same.
Darren Rowse takes vacations from time to time, and has asked his readers to write on his sites while he was gone, but for someone not as high profile as Darren, they probably would not get a even one person looking to help out and take over, and that is where steps in.

Are you a blogger? Do you face some no-internet-days, holidays or something else that keeps you from updating your precious blog? And you know that a blog without daily updates dies very fast?
Don’t worry any longer! is the plattform for bloggers who need caring people to sit their blogs. Register and place your advertisment to search for a fitting blogsitter. Someone who has your skills in the field of your blog, someone who is trustful and eager to care about your blog.

I don’t really feel very excited about their service yet, as there is not many people using it yet, and their site could use a bit of a makeover in my opinion, but the concept is interesting. Would blogging networks use a service like this to fill a hole in their network while one of their principle writers go off on vacation? It will be interesting to see if it grows, or if it is something that never gets off the ground.