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Boost Your WordPress Skills with the 0-100 WordPress Starter Kit

WordPress Starter Kit

WordPress has become the blogging platform of choice for many – individuals and businesses alike. With the host of features integrated, not to mention countless plugins that can be used to customize and enhance the final product, WordPress is certainly not to be ignored (although it has its fair share of naysayers).

If you are starting a WordPress site, or even if you already have one, but you want to take full advantage of what the platform has to offer, then you will want to catch this deal from Cult of Mac.

I normally stay away from copy that promises you’ll be an expert on a subject matter in X number of hours, but after perusing the 0-100 WordPress Starter Kit, I do think that the deal is something that one who works with WordPress shouldn’t pass up on.

The 0-100 WordPress Starter Kit includes themes and tutorials:

  • 10 “Plug & Play” WordPress Themes
  • Building Custom WordPress Sites from Scratch
  • WordPress for E-commerce Tutorial – a Definitive Guide
  • Create a WordPress Website – No Coding Required
  • WordPress Theme Selection & Customization
  • Web Guard Dog WordPress Security
  • Design, Develop & Sell WordPress Themes

All these (normally) amount to $816. With the sale, you only have to pay $49. 

What’s the catch? You might not need all those tutorials, and you probably won’t be a WP Pro in a weekend as the page says, but at this price, it’s really a good deal. And you can always go back to the tutorials when the need arises.

Make sure you go over to the 0-100 WordPress Starter Kit deals page NOW, though, as the offer is ending in one day.

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