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BuddyPress Hits the 1.0 Mark

BuddyPress, the WordPress MU social networking platform, has finally released version 1.0.

I’m happy to announce that version 1.0 of BuddyPress is now available for download.
This release marks over a year of solid development, starting from the roots of the ChickSpeak project, all the way to the blossoming developer community I see interacting on this site everyday.
This is just the first step on a long road ahead. So much is possible now that we have a solid WordPress-based social framework to build upon.

BuddyPress includes features such as extended profiles, private messaging, friends lists, groups, activity streams, blog tracking, and a pile more.
If you’re looking to add some social media features or your WordPress MU installation, BuddyPress looks like an interesting way to do it.