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How to Build Backlinks Without Creating New Content

External link-building is a fundamental part of blogging, but publishers generally believe they must continuously pump out new content in order to earn said links.

Guest blogging is a prime example of this, which is a great way to spread the word but (admittedly) it’s also time-consuming.

What if I said that you can build backlinks without creating new content specifically tailored for that purpose?

Today’s article will focus on earning quality backlinks to your blog. Whether they’re do-follow or no-follow, these links are all useful as they can help bring additional traffic and expand your brand.

First: Work on Building Relationships

build backlinks contentMany of the following link-building methods require cold emailing your prospects. I had already written about being successful with this tactic, but you should ideally befriend others beforehand when possible.

Stay in touch with fellow bloggers that generally produce content in your niche. You can do this by:

  • Following them on social media
  • Subscribing to their email list
  • Regularly contributing and commenting (put some effort into it)
  • Providing feedback

This is not for the sole purpose of link building, but rather to advance your blogging business as a whole.

Content Syndication

Syndication essentially means reposting your existing content on other websites. These sources generally allow you to include links, which is perfect for the goal of this article.

Some syndication websites include:

  • Medium
  • LinkedIn Pulse
  • Quora (posting your content as an answer)
  • Reddit (posting your content as a discussion thread)
  • Listiller (disclaimer: site is run by me)
  • YouTube description box (if you’re in the habit of publishing videos)

You may find additional websites that accept syndicated content by searching Google for certain phrases, such as:

“Originally published via” (or “published on”)
“This article originally appeared on”
“Published with permission”

This is perhaps the easiest way to create backlinks while spreading your brand, as there is typically no need to contact anyone and establish prior relationships.

Look for Listicles that Don’t Mention You

Many blogs have a tendency to publish list-based content (such as Top 10 posts). Their catchiness has somehow become an integral part of their overall SEO strategy.

If you’re a serious blogger, chances are you already have something worthy for others to link to. Maybe you have a great, healthy recipe with high quality images and even a video tutorial. Or perhaps you have an extensive resource (compilation) of something people always search for.

In any case, look for top lists where your content might be a natural fit. Using the above recipe example, you may want to do a Google search on the “top 10 ways to start eating healthy” or “top ways to start the new year right.”

Contact the author of each list and kindly ask if they could link to your healthy recipe article. Best of all, you should find many results as opposed to merely one or two.

Reminder: Rather than desperately contacting them without prior interaction, try to befriend each blogger first and make your presence known in advance.

Bloggers Who Only Mentioned Your Competitors

Countless articles typically mention other websites, external products, or services that closely match your niche.

For example, let’s say that you have a job board or otherwise curate certain jobs from your blog. If you do a search for “Best Job Boards” or “Top Websites to Find X Jobs” you will quickly realize that yours isn’t necessarily mentioned in many of those articles.

This is your chance to (you guessed it) contact the author and ask them to add your blog or resource.

Thankfully, bloggers always want to have the biggest, most diverse list possible (in order to compete with other lists published around the internet). So you’re doing these authors a huge favor by letting them know of your blog’s existence.

Have You Reviewed a Product or Service?

Build Backlinks Without Creating New ContentMany bloggers have written a thorough review at some point, usually giving their opinion about a product or service.

Sadly, reviewers typically publish this content with the intent of making affiliate income down the road. While there’s nothing wrong with that (as long as the review is honest), you shouldn’t limit the review to this purpose alone.

Gather a list of past reviews or opinions you’ve written, then contact the owner of said products and services. Kindly express how you feel about their product, then ask if they’d be willing to link to your review from their website.

Most product / service owners also have a traditional blog as a means of promoting themselves. Many would be more than happy to know that someone took the time to talk about their creation. These people are especially delighted when their product / service isn’t very popular to begin with.

Provide Your Product / Service for Free

Do you produce and sell your own products? Or maybe various services or subscription models?

Even if your primary goal is to make money by selling the above, you could also provide them for free in exchange for a backlink. Consider this a form of payment that could bring you more traffic and leads over time, not to mention it would make your brand more recognizable.

Let’s say that you have a membership website with different pricing tiers / packages. You could provide the most basic package at no charge to any person who writes a small overview about your services along with a backlink.

I have occasionally done this myself, and there’s always someone who’s interested in the offer. Trust me.

I suggest you try this idea for a limited time, depending on your income needs. Then experiment further as you see fit.

Contests and Giveaways

Let’s say you hold a monthly contest where you publish a short writing prompt…

Other writers submit a short story based on said prompt, and the winner earns monetary compensation or other goodies (such as a digital gift card).

With that in mind, contact websites that generally discuss ways to make money online, or blogs that focus on side income and “hustle culture.”

Simply let them know about your regular contests, as this would make for a great addition to their blog. Remember, these blogs are typically thrilled to mention a new income source; they’d be happy to give you a shout out as long as your contests appear genuine.

Honorable Mention

Find Resources blog pages: Lots of blogs have a general Resources page where they list both internal and external things of interest. A digital marketing blog may link to various internal articles along with some free (external) services to help fellow marketers, for example.

So, how do you find these pages? Simply enter the following search operator into Google: intitle:healthy inurl:resources

Change the word ‘healthy’ to something related to your niche. This will then find you Resource pages that contain the niche word in its title.

As usual, establish a connection with these bloggers and earn a new quality backlink. Remember, there may be hundreds (if not thousands) of these pages available online at any given time!

One Last Tip…

To wrap up, I’d like to remind you that bloggers generally have to write a short overview about your blog in order to create a backlink…

This means more work for them, so always offer to create a short write-up for them to include within their blog if necessary. This greatly increases the chances of your blog being mentioned and linked to.

Have fun earning quality backlinks!