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Building Monetization

One of my favorite building posts has to be the recent one on the monetization of his site. It goes into details on what has worked for him, and what hasn’t, something that will really help some bloggers, and maybe mislead others.
Monetization of a site really varies from site to site, but it is always interesting to see what successes others are having. Here is a bit from Alex’s post:

While I may not like the way it looks, “in your face” advertising definitely seems to work much better than tucking the ads away in a sidebar. Putting the ads at the top of the page seems to work a little better than in a sidebar as well, but I don’t like the way it pushes the content down.
However, this is my personal web site, so I can choose to keep the ads somewhat out of the way instead of trying to squeeze every dime I can out of the site.
I also recently turned down sponsored posts and an opportunity to put a flash banner ad on my home page. Sure it probably would have made a few bucks, but I felt it would really detract from the overall site experience. There’s definitely a “just because you can doesn’t mean you should” side of how you choose to implement advertising on your site.

This is something that all the Bloggy Network sites have had to deal with as we continue to make producing content our full time jobs. We have to balance our needs to pay our bills, without going too overboard on advertising, and sometimes it has to be a bit “in your face” but we try very hard to blend, and stay away from certain types of ads.
Check out Alex’s full post for more details on the things he has tried. A great article.