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Can a Blog Get Too Much Exposure?

Over on, Darren asks a very good question, and backs it up with the the insane attention certain events and services have been getting over the last little while. I have seen more posts about BlogRush than I ever care to see about one single product or service.

I was over at Techmeme earlier today and after scanning through the latest stories there realized that TechCrunch is mentioned over 60 times on the front page. I did a keyword density test on the page and the word TechCrunch was the most common on the page with a keyword density approaching 3%.
Of course, this is partly because the TechCrunch40 conference is going on at the moment so there’s more than normal buzz going on – but I guess it’s made me wonder whether a blog can suffer from overexposure in a niche.

Check out Darren’s post, and let me know what you think. Is there really such thing as over exposure for a site? Would the side effects be negative at all?