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Win a Free Responsive Website Template From MotoCMS

This week, we’re giving away a free responsive website – or tools to create one – from MotoCMS.

Become an owner of an awesome site template in addition to MotoCMS responsive website builder for free, by participating in the giveaway.

Before we go to the giveaway details, you probably will want to know what you’re getting into. If you’re already familiar with MotoCMS, you’re good.Read More »Win a Free Responsive Website Template From MotoCMS

Drupal 7 Alpha 1 Released

When speaking about WordPress CMS often the Drupal platform is mentioned as the most viable and more powerful alternative to WordPress. After more than 2 years of development the Drupal community now received what it has been waiting for for a long time: the first Drupal 7 release.

Albeit still only an Alpha release, the bang in the community was big and I suppose for the Drupal users it was very welcome news to finally be able to look forward to certain features like Custom Fields which are standard since a really long time in the blogging community. Drupal 6 already brought an image uploader and tags to the software and Drupal 7 now brings more features WordPress and users of other blog software have known for a while already.

What’s new in Drupal 7? With Drupal 7 come image editing, integrated updater and custom fields. Read More »Drupal 7 Alpha 1 Released