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Successful Blogger Tips that Will Help Explode Your Traffic and Conversions

Blogging is more than just writing new blog posts and hoping search engines will take notice and rank them on Google.

It is a critical area of online marketing that allows companies to build value for their audience, foster trust, and establish their authority. At the same time, publishers and entrepreneurs make money blogging by creating quality content and attracting the right kind of visitors who will be more than happy to buy your products and services.

As a future blogger yourself (if you don’t have your own blog yet), you should know what it takes to achieve blogging success before you even begin.

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How to Be an Organized Blogger

An organized blogger is a successful one.

Okay, I just made that up, but there is some truth in that, don’t you think? One of the issues bloggers face is that there are times when the temptation to be laidback and go with the flow is too strong to resist.

laidback bloggerSource

If you’re serious about achieving success with your blog – although success can be relative – there is something to be said about being an organized blogger.

How exactly can you be an organized blogger?Read More »How to Be an Organized Blogger

6 Critical Blogging Decisions to Make

When you are trying to figure out how to start a blog you will be met with some hard choices to make.




Starting a new blog forces you to make a series of tough, critical decisions.

Nobody feels fully clear on this blogging journey. Discomfort arises when you are doing the legwork to pick your niche, your hosting, and your domain name.Read More »6 Critical Blogging Decisions to Make

4 Easy Ways Your Blog is Your Best Salesperson

You’ve got a really great salesperson in your organization that you may be overlooking or ignoring. This salesperson will never take a sick day, ask for a raise, or leave you to go to one of your competitors. How great is that?

It’s your blog.

Think about it for a minute. What does a really great salesperson do for an organization? They know the customer. They’re able to remember lots of personal things about each customer. They know the brand inside out. They always ask the right questions and never forget to cover all the bases. And they always, without fail, follow up. They constantly learn from each new experience, thus improving their sales technique. Isn’t that exactly what an efficient well-designed blog does? Here are the 4 simple ways your blog should be selling for you:Read More »4 Easy Ways Your Blog is Your Best Salesperson

6 Essential Steps to Becoming an Influential Blogger

If you want to do something in life, do it right. The same rule applies for blogging. You may already have a blog of your own, you wrote a couple of posts on it, but haven’t really made any progress with it. Still, you have the desire to do better and become an influential blogger. Even if you are starting from scratch and just starting to learn about the web it is important to understand that becoming an influential blogger is not something that happens overnight.

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You will have to invest a lot of your time and work daily if you want your blog to truly matter and attract readers. Of course, there are many people whose blogs are not their primary focus, and this is why they simply won’t become popular. It’s all up to you.

So, here are 6 things you must look to achieve if you want to become an influential blogger.Read More »6 Essential Steps to Becoming an Influential Blogger

How to Design Your Blog Like Painting a Room

Painting of an empty wall. Renovation home. 3D illustration

Blogging and painting a room appears like polar opposites in the career department. One requires themto sit all day in front of the computer and create content for their blog in the hopes of making money. The other depends on people moving around a lot and reaching out for places to get the paint on the surface as their form of livelihood.

However, you’d be surprised to know that blogging – designing a blog, in particular – shares common traits with the things licensed painters do.

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How to Make Sure You Don’t Unintentionally Commit Plagiarism

essay writing service

In case you haven’t heard, plagiarism is a practice that you should consciously avoid doing on your blog. Not only does it discredit the hard work that people before you have made, but it also casts a negative light on you once your readers find out that you posted blog content which you tried to make your own.

However, there may come a time when you published a blog post only to find out that it has content lifted from other sources without permission from the owner or proper attribution. Despite your good intentions of providing high-quality content for your blog readers, you somehow damage your online brand because of the plagiarism you committed.

While situations like the one above can be fixed, it’s best that you prevent them from happening at all. Therefore, you need to be vigilant with the content you published on your blog. You can do this by following our foolproof instructions below.

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The Reader-Blogger Relationship

The Reader-Blogger Relationship

As a blogger, your objective is to drive lots of traffic to your blog in order to meet your other goals. To do this, you must enticeyour target audience by implementing well-crafted strategies on your blog to get their attention.

Being a blogger sounds a lot like courtship. You, as a blogger playing the lover, resort to different ways in order to capture the heart of your beloved and/or love interest, which is your targetedreader.Read More »The Reader-Blogger Relationship