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How to Make Money by Giving Everything Away

Make money by giving things away for free…

Are you the type of blogger that’s constantly creating new products or offering some kind of service?

Whatever the offer, some bloggers and business owners give everything away with the intention of growing their audience much quicker.

Otherwise, they provide a “Pay what you want” model where their audience gains access to products/services by paying any amount they wish.

Lastly, others have decided to give away 99% of their offerings while charging only for the remaining 1%.

A non-blogging example includes smartphone apps. Many are 100% free thanks to ad revenue generated, while others ask you to make optional purchases.

On the other hand, something more closely related to blogging includes WordPress plugins, as many are supported solely with donations from users.Read More »How to Make Money by Giving Everything Away

8 Reasons Your Blog Isn’t Growing

Grow a blog following by eliminating these obstacles…

There are reportedly millions of new blog posts written every single day. Sadly, many of these are not seen or read by a single soul other than the author.

This lack of success then leads a once-promising blogger to give it all up and look into other ways to make a living.

Are you afraid this might happen to you? Have you already been down this road and are looking to make one heck of a comeback?

Let’s look at some common reasons why your success might be stale in order to slowly grow a blog following.Read More »8 Reasons Your Blog Isn’t Growing

Increase Blog Authority with Super Short-form Content

Increase blog authority and traffic even with 50-word pieces…

What if you could keep your website updated with ease?

We have all heard that long-form content is now king, and I actually don’t doubt it. Extensive content often provides a wide range of actionable insights and data that are typically not available in short articles.

That being said, there is plenty of room for short-form content in the blogosphere and ways to leverage it. So instead of preaching about long, 2000-word blog posts, today I would like to discuss the complete opposite.

Best of all, you can actually gain an incredible amount of traffic, backlinks, and authority even with 50-word pieces!

This article is meant for those that lack the time (or perhaps despise) writing long pieces every single time.

Here are several super-duper easy things you can implement to increase blog authority, followed by various ways to bring some nice, targeted traffic.

Implement one (or more) of these…Read More »Increase Blog Authority with Super Short-form Content

7 Tools to Grow and Manage Your Twitter Account

Get More Twitter Followers. Keep Your Account Highly Engaging.

As of July 2016, Twitter has over 313 million monthly active users and the number continues to grow. This, of course, consists of a broad range of interests and industries, with plenty to go around for everyone.

Unfortunately, this vast and diverse audience can lead to low quality followers and spammers on the platform. That’s why it’s important to keep your Twitter account highly-engaging with nothing but relevant, high quality followers who are always happy to interact with your latest updates.

Let’s look at seven of the best tools to get more Twitter followers and help manage your account. As an added bonus, most of these are actually semi-automated or help keep your Twitter account in superb conditions with just a few clicks.Read More »7 Tools to Grow and Manage Your Twitter Account