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When is Taking and Using Images Online a Good Thing?


As a blogger, one of the biggest concerns you will have is finding images online that you can use without any trouble with the law.

The easiest way around this issue is to hire a photographer to take photos for you. The Dog Book Company, for instance, owns the images in this list of quality french bulldogs pictures.

However, if you have neither photography skills and the design chops to create images yourself, you have a potential problem on your hands.

Bohemea is a cautionary tale for bloggers who used photographs without consent of the owner. Her Tumblr blogs, which contained 100,000 posts over the span of five years, was deleted by the microblogging site due to complaints about her unfair use of copyrighted content.

Had Tumblr informed Bohemea of the complaints ahead of time, she would have been more than happy to take them down herself. Instead, the law came down hard on her. Whether or getting her blogs wiped out was justified is immaterial – this only goes to show that you must observe the ethics of publishing content, which includes images, on your web properties.

If you’re not aware of the laws governing the content you will use, it’s your fault.

Bohemea is just one of the many bloggers and marketers who have been financially crippled by copyright infringement. The threat is real and it’s best to learn how you can prevent your website or blog from incurring the same wrath from the law.

Below are basic tips and advice on how you find good images for your site and evade copyright infringement.
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When Should You Use God Awful Stock Photos on Your Blog?

Unfinished Business

To promote the film “Unfinished Business,” Fox teams up with Getty Images to produce a set of stock photos featuring the stars of the filmthatcan be downloaded fromiStock.

The photos show Vince Vaughn, Tom Wilkinson, and Dave Francoin generic and vague poses in a business setting, qualities that make stock photos a laughing stock (no pun intended) as a form of visual content. However, since Unfinished Business is a comedyfilm, the images are tongue-in-cheek to how stock photos are perceived by people.

Due tothe generic appearance of stock photos that people find confusing, using images of real people produces 35% more conversions compared tousing stock images.

However, the example above proves that stock images can be just as effective as any other image featuredasmarketing toolsif used correctly.

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-1: Google+ Left Out to Dry?


Google VP of product Bradley Horrowitz has announced that he will soon be running Google Photos and Streams products. Both features are prominent in Google+, which brings people to speculate over the future of this social networking service.

The Verge provides a much more comprehensive report about this development. Aside from Photos and Stream, Google Hangouts will continue as a separate entity as well. This leaves Google+ with…something.

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More Video Content Hacks to Boost ROI


Video is such an effective form of visual content that it can hike up your sales.

According to this study by Conductor and Invodo, video viewers are 1.6x more likely to purchase than non-video viewers.

The link contains a free downloadable white paper on how to create SEO-friendly video content to improve your rate of investment.

By downloading the resource, you will understand:

  • how to refine your buyer’s journey with your video content
  • what “video green fields” mean and how to take advantage of them
  • what tags to include in your video sitemap to make them more discoverable

This white paper is the second part of Conductor’s video SEO research. We covered the first part on this blog in this post.

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The Basic Pillars of Effective App Store Optimization

The Basic Pillars of Effective App Store Optimization

Mobile app development has become a great way to market your businesses. In fact, more than half of businesses have created a mobile app to promote their products and services, if not increase their sales.

In order to encourage your target audience to download your app, you need to point them to your app store. With majority of businesses developing a HIPAA compliant app, however, competition will be fierce at this point on.

You need to make sure that your app store contains information that will inspire visitors to successfully download the app. If done incorrectly, visitors will jump ship to your competitors and download their app instead.

To prevent this from happening, you need to perform app store optimization (ASO). The principles of ASO is similar to its counterpart, search engine optimization (SEO). Whether it’s a video game app or productivity app, ASO will take your app store  – if not your business – to the next level.

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Below are ASO factors that you need to work on to maximize the potential of your app store.

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