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5 Best WordPress Podcast Plugins for 2021

Podcasts could be an untapped channel bloggers need to take their WordPress business to the top.

Similar to video, you can use audio content to help power up your blog posts. For instance, instead of writing about a topic, you can just create a podcast about the episode and write the show notes about it. By diversifying your content this way, you increase your chances of tapping into a brand new audience.

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Top 10 WordPress Rich Snippet Plugins

A single keyword can lead to millions of search results on any of the popular search engines. A user comes across multiple websites whenever any keyword(s) or topic is searched. To attract users to a particular website has become a tedious job. This is because there are tons of options for the users, so getting a website clicked through needs some extra efforts.

In 2009, Google introduced ‘Rich Snippets’ with the purpose of giving some extra visibility to a link or website. High rankings on Google etc. are not enough nowadays. Adding rich snippets to your webpage definitely increases its click-through rate (CTR).Read More »Top 10 WordPress Rich Snippet Plugins