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Challenges Facing Young and Older Blogs

Darren Rowse has a great post up on the challenges facing younger and older blogs, where he describes some of the things I have made it through when I first started my personal site, and outlines some of the hurdles I have to overcome over the next while.
Some of the challengegst facing older blogs that he writes about includes:

  • Managing Large Archives
  • Staying Motivated
  • Battling Bloggers Block
  • Finding Fresh Post topics to Blog About
  • Managing Trolls and Disillusioned Readers
  • Comment Management
  • Dealing with Copycat Blogs
  • Setting Priorities
  • Disillusionment with a Niche

Now that he has outlined these challenges, I hope he starts a series on how to combat them, as some of them have me scratching my head, especially managing large archives. Anyone else having problems with any of these, or solutions that they have found?