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Chinese Restaurants and Blogging

Marco looks at comparing blogging to Chinese restaurants this time, looking at their formula for success and how it can translate over into blogs and blogging.

In the ScrivsTyme podcast a few days ago, Scrivs mentioned how he disliked not understanding what the Chinese employees speak when he goes there. Some people find that rude, and I can understand why, but what can we learn from this for blogging?
Well, first of all, we can learn that it’s important that you know how to communicate with your readers. It doesn’t matter if it’s your mother language or not (English isn’t my main language), what matters is that you are understandable. So I guess that the only thing we can learn from here is that you should always proofread what you’re about to say, but there’s still something important we can learn from this.

Not something I would compare blogging to, and it is a little subjective, as Chinese restaurants where I currently live are all horrible, but an interesting article none-the-less, and we can all use more tips on creating a better blog. Throughout the post though, you will notice one key tip: keep everything consistent. Consistent quality and post intervals can create a great blog over time.