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Chris Garrett Starts Blog Design Service

The realization that people want customized blog designs has increased the time that designers are willing to take on WordPress themes. Chris Garrett, a well known graphic designer has created 449. £449 is what it will cost you to get a design created by him, and ported over to a WordPress theme.

We’ve called this little breakout branch “449” because that’s how little we charge for a fully functional blog, just £449 (find out what this is in your currency). For that price, you’re business will get a beautifully designed and fully functional WordPress blog, ongoing support and, undoubtedly, a boost in sales. We’ll even host your blog for you!
Your custom WordPress template will consist of the following:

  • Homepage (Recent Posts)
  • Archives Page (for dates and categories)
  • Basic static page template.
  • Search Page.
  • Contact Page.

We will also set-up WordPress and provide you with free hosting and domain name for 1 year (if you require it).

Compared to some other deals, that cost multiple thousands of dollars to get from design to working site, this deal is pretty good. Remember though, those in the US, this price is in Great Britain Pounds, which means you are looking at around $830 USD, still a great deal for a wonderful designer and a fully working, custom theme. Check out for a portfolio of examples as well as more details.
I would love to hear what people think about this. I know Chris and others think there is a market for something like this. Do you agree/disagree? Let me know.