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5 Content Marketing Trends for Blogging Success

Implementing the Latest Content Strategies in 2016…

Do you normally keep an eye on content marketing trends, or merely publish the type of information you’ve always been comfortable with?

The internet marketing arena seems to have accelerated at an astounding pace over the past 6-7 years. With the Google updates came long-form content, the popularity of infographics, increased video promotion, and even new publishing platforms such as Medium, LinkedIn’s Pulse, and Facebook’s Instant Articles.

If the above is any indication, we can safely say that content marketing is becoming increasingly important among business bloggers. Let’s look at some established and emerging content marketing trends to help elevate your blogging in 2016.

1. Focus on User-Generated Content

User-generated content can grant increased trust and overall engagement. This works especially well if you’re selling a service or even just promoting an affiliate offer.

For example, get a hold of some of your affiliate product buyers and ask them for a short testimonial (preferably with proof of purchase).

Other forms of user-generated content may include:

Interviews – Q&A or video-based

Case studies – did someone use your service? Highlight that person’s results in a blog post

Surveys – Ask people in your mailing list a series of niche-related questions, then post them on your blog

Reach out to social media followers and ask important questions, then share them. For example: 27 Marketers Reveal their #1 Tip for Higher Traffic

In many cases, people are asking more for peer-to-peer content as opposed to professionally-written content, as seen in this study.

2. Plan a Content Marketing Budget

content marketing trends

It’s typical for everyday-bloggers to save a few bucks by sharing their articles only with their list, as well as their relatively-small social media following.

If you’re serious about your business’ growth, set aside even a small budget each month and center it around growing your list. Think of Google AdWords, Bing Ads, Facebook advertising and many others out there.

According to a Hubspot study, 71% of companies have increased their marketing budget over the past couple of years (admittedly, though, you should keep track of the return of investment to see if this is worthwhile for your business in particular).

Nevertheless, their actions are an indication of the potential at your disposal. Isn’t it time you tried this yourself?

Speaking of social outreach…

3. Prioritize Multimedia. No, Seriously…

It’s easy to keep doing what you’re already used to and play it safe.

Write article. Publish article. Share article. Repeat.

Remember that your audience also loves to hang out in other venues and, most importantly, they prefer to consume information in different ways.

Get in the habit of making a short video out of your best content, even if it’s only one per month. Not only will you grow your YouTube channel over time (which you can monetize) but people who lack the patience to read will thank you for it.

Speaking of video importance: Instagram recently announced they are extending their videos from 15 seconds to one full minute. And for good reason…

“In the last six months, the time people spent watching video increased by more than 40 percent,” according to the social media giant.

Same goes for the occasional infographic, as well as embracing other networks that are sometimes overlooked for marketing.

You don’t have to abandon the traditional written format; simply consider embracing multiple venues on occasion.

4. Provide Episodic Content

A long-form article generally works wonders, especially when your topic is based on a central subject. Sometimes, however, breaking the information into several parts can attract the attention of thousands.

Say, for example, you decide to list 501 companies that hire people to work from home, listing a brief description of each.

This would be your chance to provide five posts (one daily or weekly) and announce the next one to your mailing list and your social media following just one day prior. Talk about building some hype!

You may also provide half on your blog, while saving the remaining items exclusively for those who sign up to your mailing list.

However you slice it, episodic content has a solid place in your content marketing efforts. Combine this with Dean’s Skyscraper technique, and you’re golden.

5. Outreach is Increasingly Important


At one point, outreach mostly consisted of commenting on someone’s articles in hopes he would eventually notice you and you would subsequently write a guest post for said blog.

While the above is still a solid strategy, you should multiply your efforts not necessarily by befriending more bloggers, but by reaching out to the big hitters.

Here’s where this becomes highly important: Once you have successfully worked with an influencer, don’t be afraid of implementing a simple “As See On…” section on your blog listing the influencer’s blog, as this gives you more credibility and overall authority.

This step is overwhelming and downright difficult, of course – and that is exactly why it’s 100% worth doing. Dare to go down this path while everyone else keeps playing it safe.

Your Turn:

You have the last word. What content marketing trends are you noticing, and which ones are you willing to embrace in 2016?

More details on all of the above can be found on the following link….

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