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Content Specific Comment Spam

Dealing with comment spam is getting harder and harder, even BloggingPro has taken a hit or two lately by various spamming methods, and we use Akismet here.
Lorelle goes over some interesting content specific spam that she has recieved lately.

These new comment spammers look for related keywords and post a vague but specific comment related to the keywords. A careful check of the URL/address of the website shows that it links to a splog or commercial website. So the URL is the only clue that this comment is comment spam.
I had several comments that asked me specifically about how hard WordPress was to install, questions on PHP code on articles with PHP code, and about whether or not they thought they should give WordPress a try compared to other blogging platforms.
These sound legitimate, don’t they. After all, I’ve written extensively about these topics here and on other of my sites. I even responded to two of them before I noticed the URL and checked them out.
One led to a splog with possibly stolen articles (possibly from feeds) with extensive writing on the topic of blogging, which was definitely more technically advanced and aware than the simple question they asked in my comments.

It looks like the battle has just begun, so if you have any ideas on improving anti-spam techniques, create a plugin for WordPress to help us out, or contact the Automattic team and let them know your ideas because we can use all the help we can get to fight this problem.