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Visme Review: Create Infographics and Presentations with Ease

How to create infographics and presentations in a snap…

As many of us get increasingly serious about blogging, we’re always looking for the most effective tools to ease our efforts. Infographics, for example, became an overnight sensation among bloggers and business owners due to how efficiently raw data is presented. And while older services still have their place (such as Slideshare and numerous table plugins) sometimes you simply need better ways to distribute information to the masses.

Enter, a powerful presentation tool used to transform your ideas into captivating visuals. To quote their main function, the service allows you to “tell better stories and translate boring data into beautiful visual content right in your browser.”

I decided to take a look and see if this service truly delivers, considering it’s been used by the likes of IBM, NASA, and MetLife. In my quest to effortlessly create infographics and presentations, this is everything I came to notice…

General Features

  • The main service provides an all-in-one interface to create presentations, infographics, reports, wireframes, flyers, and even banners
  • You can alternatively start with a clean canvas and let your imagination run wild. For example, customize colorful flyers and even a visual resume highlighting prominent figures
  • Choose from millions of free images, over 100 fonts, and a virtually endless amount of icons to make your content unique. These include shapes, arrows, lines, and much more
  • Ability to change and manipulate every element you see – from backgrounds to font color to image sizes, to name a few
Choosing from Visme's main available options.

Choosing from Visme’s main available options.

Technical Features

  • Create beautiful, eye-catching tables and charts to keep your data better organized
  • Import an existing project from PowerPoint and edit it natively from the Visme interface
  • Record audio and voiceovers to narrate your presentations and/or add video footage. Otherwise, choose from many pre-installed media files
  • Organize presentations into folders
  • Animate presentation elements such as charts and graphs
  • Control who can see and access your presentations with extensive privacy controls
  • Share your project with a link, embed it on your website (responsive resolutions available) or download it into multiple formats such as JPG and PDF
  • Insert hyperlinks into any given array and track statistical data (such as traffic numbers and sources) straight from the platform. This gives you the chance to track (and thus tweak) your promotion efforts accordingly

Creating Infographics and Presentations

Infographics video overview:

The list of features is definitely impressive, but how does it all stack up? Are they actually worth the hype?

I initially played around with the first two offerings: Presentations and infographics. I immediately noticed a rather impressive selection of pre-customized templates that included backgrounds, fonts and graphics properly placed and distributed.

In other words, I didn’t have to start from scratch and break my head coming up with a presentation. These templates effectively removed the thinking out of the equation, instantly saving me some valuable time.

The main editing screen admittedly gave me a bittersweet feeling. On one hand, I was honestly overwhelmed with the vast range of widgets and customization options. On the other hand, well, this is actually not a bad way to be overwhelmed…

Wide range of widgets and elements to choose from.

Wide range of widgets and elements to choose from.

Just as promised, I was greeted by countless choices ranging from fonts, graphical items, backgrounds, and other interesting tidbits to customize my project.

It wasn’t long until most things started to make sense thanks to the user-friendly interface. I could quickly drag and drop items into my project, change their sizes, colors, and other aspects using nothing but my mouse.


No need for complex settings: If you can see it, you can modify it.

Things worth noting: Not everything found here is common-sense, of course, as some features do have a small learning curve…

For example, their support of charts and graphs is nothing short of impressive, and you can also animate these elements to bring your presentation or infographic to life. But again, this wasn’t something I was able to pick up straight away, so the level of difficulty may vary depending on your particular needs.

Animation video overview:

Needless to say, I was able to create a beautiful, highly presentable project in just one sitting. This isn’t something I could say with the likes of Photoshop or other complicated tool.

A Quick Look at the Banner Feature

Thankfully Visme is not only used to create infographics and presentations. I mentioned earlier how the service provides support for banner and ad creation – and it does not disappoint.

My jaw instinctively dropped when I noticed how extensively they covered most major social networks. This is especially useful for social media enthusiasts and advertisers, as it natively provides pre-defined templates to create ads for Twitter, Facebook, and other major platforms.

For example, you can quickly create ads/banners for all standard sizes including 300×250, 790×90, 160×1600, among others.

You may otherwise use the tool to create covers for such networks or even email headers, thus making your pages look highly professional.

create infographics and presentations




  • Many features and options to create infographics and presentations.
  • This service helps improve your brand through the creation and sharing of beautiful visual content.
  • Perfect for individuals and large companies
  • Primarily free; unlock additional features for a very small price.


  • Certain features can feel overwhelming at first. Take a good look at their tutorials and documentation before diving in.

Is Visme for everyone? Perhaps not for casual bloggers; only avid marketers and creatives will find the need to present raw, boring data in intuitive ways. If you fit into this bracket, though, then I wholeheartedly suggest you jump right in.

My personal recommendation: Use Visme along with these sources to find facts and statistics. This is a match made in heaven.

What are you personally using to create infographics and presentations? Would you consider giving this one a shot?

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