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How to Create the Perfect Password

create the perfect password

Passwords are a touchy subject. We all know just how important it is to create a secure password so as to avoid hackers getting into your account. Whether it is your email address or your online banking account, it doesn’t matter. A secure password is always necessary.

Then again, there is the matter of remembering all those passwords! That is the main reason the average person tends to use passwords that are associated with something they relate to, which make them easy to remember – birthdays, names of family members, and so on. But we know that security experts say this is a big no-no!

There are tools which help with this dilemma, such as LastPass, which does not only generate secure passwords for you, but also keeps a record of all your passwords. Of course, you have to remember the password for your LastPass account!

Hackers getting user information – including passwords to all sorts of platforms and services – are an “everyday” occurrence. There is no going around it: we need secure passwords, and we need to change them regularly. But, how do we create the perfect password?

Check out this infographic, which shows some interesting details about password security, how easy it can be to hack a password, and how to create the perfect password.

How To Create The Perfect Password



How To Create The Perfect Password [Infographic] by the team at Who Is Hosting This