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Creating a Book from Your Archives

Over on Successful Blog, Liz Strauss has a post up about creating a book from your blog archives. While it is maybe not something everyone should or can do, many people out there could repurpose their well written materials into a short book, on a subject. This is something I think more thought leaders should do.

1. Find your most popular topic.
2. Print out a critical mass of posts around one set of ideas.
3. Organize the ideas in a fashion that would work for readers who don’t know you or the topic.
4. Ask a friend or a colleague if this rough order is complete and logical.
5. Look for places the key information is missing and might need to be filled in.
6. Write an introduction, table of contents page, and a conclusion.
7. Hire a professional editor to edit it.
8. Ask colleagues to read it and to write something about it. Include those testimonials, but not too many.
9. Hire a professional designer to design it.
10. Self-publish.