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6 Creative Twitter Updates for Higher Engagement

Twitter is known and used by just about everyone, which gives you the opportunity to connect with others and grow your blog. On the other hand, its popularity often creates so much competition that it’s hard for your tweets to gain much traction.

To better help you stand out, here are some effective ways to publish creative Twitter updates for supercharged engagement.

1. Post Interactive Tweets

You have probably seen these messages on Facebook: Someone asks, “Replace a word in a movie title with this word instead.” This leads to countless replies from people inserting the word in question into random movie titles, and oftentimes the question is shared enough that it goes viral.

Likewise, posting interactive tweets can deliver the same engagement and results depending on the subject matter and how many followers retweet your post. The trick, of course, is to talk about things your followers are interested in (not necessarily about your brand).

Overall, fill-in-the-blank questions and “word replacements” are always winners on social media.

2. Tweet a Video

Most of the tweets I see are based on text and images, and I suspect that many people forget that Twitter accepts video updates as well. The beauty here is that users do not need to leave the current screen to view the video, thus increasing the odds of interacting with your tweet.

Even if you don’t personally produce the video or it doesn’t promote your website, remember that not all is about direct advertising; it’s also about engagement. Tweeting the occasional niche video keeps followers interested in you and all your future tweets.

3. Quote Influencers

Quotes on social media will always be popular, as they relate to your audience in profound and thoughtful ways. But instead of relying on historical figures and celebrities, why not quote some influencers in your niche?

Remember, your followers are primarily interested in your niche; therefore, each quote you tweet could have the same powerful impact. Additionally, this helps you connect with other influencers more closely and ultimately develop a healthy business relationship. Just make sure you include the person’s Twitter handle when you post a tweet.

4. Spread the News

Bloggers are generally too concerned with promoting their latest articles, with the occasional update from someone else’s blog. This is perfectly okay, but the flow of your tweets can get stale over time.

Break the influx of “Blogging tips” with the occasional breaking news related to your niche. If you run a marketing blog, connect with authorities such as Matt Cutts and prominent websites like Search Engine Journal. Similarly, other niche bloggers can search for related headlines on Google News and other news aggregators.

Sharing the latest news can make you more authoritative in your field, ensuring your followers that you are always in the loop about the latest subjects that matter to them. This type of creative Twitter update may also make some followers rely on you for the latest updates, all depending on the frequency of your posts.

5. Stats Draw Attention

twitter updates tips

Neil Patel relies heavily on statistics and analytics, and for good reason. Whenever people learn about something with statistical data, they feel much more connected to the subject and value it much more. In addition, these factual numbers usually deliver shock value, making people ponder the situation at hand more deeply.

Perform a quick online search before tweeting about something with potential statistical backup. Your followers will highly appreciate it.

6. Use Humor (Even in a Conservative Niche)

Twitter is a social network, and social implies humanity. You will always win over your audience with the occasional humor so long as it’s appropriate and (preferably) related to your blogging niche. Simply perform a Google search such as “Jokes about writing” or “Clean dog jokes” if your blog is about dog training.

Inserting non-relatable humor is also acceptable, so feel free to mix things up from time to time. In the end, there is always a time to conduct business and a time for recreational activities.

Are you using creative Twitter updates? How have your results been? Share additional tips in the comments below.

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