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Creative Ways to Find High-Paying Freelance Writing Jobs

It’s safe to say that finding lucrative freelance writing jobs is a writer’s most important mission. Unfortunately, getting your dream gig normally takes time, effort, and patience.

Sure, using an established, frequently updated job board is always helpful, but sometimes you must look into multiple sources simultaneously to ensure that you don’t ever miss a potential opportunity. Moreover, getting creative with your job hunt could put you well ahead of the pack.

Here are five often overlooked ways to find high-paying freelance writing jobs.

1. Browse Niche Boards

Browse through job boards dedicated solely to specific careers and fields. These essentially weed out picky writers that are not willing to research specific topics (and trust me, there are many). Granted, you still have to compete against other niche writers who are very capable and willing, but overall you will still have a better shot at landing an interesting gig due to the smaller pool of candidates.

2. Set Up Email Alerts

find writing gigs online

Browsing through too many writing jobs can be downright overwhelming. Even if you bookmark different websites through your browser, remembering to go and check for new listings on a daily basis is still a daunting task.

Instead, visit your favorite websites (such as Monster, Career Builder, Dice and others) and conduct a precise job search. Then, enter your email address into their respective “Save Search” service (or newsletter) to receive daily email alerts about your chosen search query. Most prominent job boards have this functionality and it could mean the difference between endless searching and landing a profitable client by tomorrow.

Also don’t forget: Use Google Alerts to receive job alerts to your inbox from all over the web. Configuring various alerts with highly precise keywords can help you find high-paying freelance writing jobs in no time.

3. Contact Established Websites and Companies

How do you know whether a company/website is established? Ideally, they would often have an advertising budget (pay close attention to those ads on Google’s search results). Otherwise, analyze organic results that dominate the first page for competitive keywords. Do you see reputable sources for the phrase “Lose weight?” This could mean these websites have some money in their pockets and could also use a writer. The best way to find out is to go after them.

While this strategy can be hit or miss, these search results will generally point you in the right direction, therefore a quick “cold email” offering your services can’t hurt.

4. Look into Other Writers’ Portfolio

The idea here is not to steal their client, but rather to get a sense of which ones are open to working with freelance writers. Email a writer’s past client to see if they need an additional worker on their team. Many would be happy to let you maintain their blog, compose a copy for their latest product or help launch their newest website.

5. Work on Technical/Support Articles

how to find freelance writing opportunities

Many websites that sell products and services have a support section with Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and general tutorial articles. While they typically have hundreds of topics and are often well maintained, others tend to be forgotten or are not updated regularly (especially as new products and services evolve).

To find such websites, perform basic searches such as “Frequently Asked Questions”, “Knowledgebase” and/or “Support +About Us.” If you feel comfortable with the products and services at hand and a prospect is interested in your talents, they would usually give you a free copy for you to study and analyze. They should also help you get started by pointing out their most frequent email inquiries or their products’ most advanced features.

Final Thoughts:

How do you get paid to write? Do you have any creative ways to find high-paying freelance writing jobs? Let fellow readers and writers know!

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