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CSS Sticky Footer – Design Helper

If you have had issues creating a footer that hangs at the bottom of the page, no matter how short or long the content above it is, then check out this new CSS Sticky Footer method.
The advantage of this method over previous methods is that it doesn’t require an extra “push” div to get it down there, and it also works with most major web browsers.

This sticky footer solution is working in all major browsers, including Google Chrome!. It works with floated 2-column layouts and we don’t get overlap in resized browser windows unlike older solutions you find when you Google sticky footer. And you don’t need an empty push div.

If your visitors are browsing your blog using IE 4 through 8, or older versions of Firefox, they’ll still see the proper effect. Being able to support almost all of the major web browsers today, while needing fairly semantic code, makes CSS Sticky Footer an interesting piece of code to use on any project necessary.
I expect to see some WordPress themes taking advantage of this code soon.