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Dealing with Heavy Traffic: WordPress and Turbocharged

Over on the Turbocharged blog, there is a great, in detail post for semi-advanced to advanced WordPress users to help them deal with heavy traffic.
Everyone’s been there at least once. One of your blog pages gets dugg or slashdotted. What to do?

WordPress is often maligned as a resource-hungry blog platform – one that requires a lot of resources to run in high-traffic settings. But believe it or not, it’s possible to survive traffic spikes, while still serving pages to your audience swiftly. And you won’t need big iron to do it.
Throughout this guide, I’ll make a few assumptions on your part:
1. You’re using Apache to serve your pages, and you can change your Apache configuration.
2. You’re storing the contents of your blog in a MySQL database, the configuration of which you can change.
3. You’re running Turbocharged, or you have access to install WordPress plugins.
If these don’t apply to you, don’t worry – we’ll explore (sadly, less effective) alternative approaches so you can still fend off traffic storms.

It is an interesting article to check out if you are interested in dealing with constant heavy traffic.