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Did Problogging Kill My Career?

No, we are not talking about being dooced today, but instead we are talking about if becoming a problogger because of the telecommuting, can kill a career. The post is from a Bloggy Network blog, LifeSpy, where Alex references a post from Network World.
From LifeSpy:

There are really stark differences between a 9-5 work and problogging. While I still work eight hours a day on research, trial and testing and writing tips and how-tos, it doesn’t have the strict set-up of a typical workday of a desk monkey. No nosy bosses to deal with and absolutely no office politics to contend with.
Sure there are the downsides like the lack of social contact (since I work in my home office with no other human contact save for other people in my IM’s list. However, this can also be true in the cellular atmosphere of cubicles. Water cooler talk is even less than what you can discuss over IM, right?
As for more of the upsides, I have prime control over my time. While I still have to work 8 hours a day, I’ve got free reign on how to distribute those 8 hours. As many writers would also note, it’s tough to go on a writing marathon. So I can take short 15 minute breaks in between researching and writing posts. Yes, this includes the luxury of not having to punch in a time card too. I also get to set aside time for my grad studies.

I, for one, also enjoy telecommuting thanks to problogging. I can’t really understand how people wouldn’t. I find it much harder to concentrate on getting my list of tasks done, but nine times out of ten, I make it work, and my bosses are happy. I think the Network World article was a little off when it comes to my chosen career.