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Dissecting Content Marketing: A Review of the “Content Machine” E-Book

“Content marketing is releasing something interesting that grabs attention for a business and builds trust.”

These are the words that Dan Norris used to give meaning to content marketing. Write a blog entry or post something interesting over social media, and there you go—you have now generated a content of your own.

It sounds easy, but is it that simple to convert content into profit?

The defining factors of content marketing are attention and trust. By making effective content, you are supposed to capture the attention of your audience so as to keep hold of them and not defeat the purpose of selling without advertising.

Dan Norris’ book entitled “Content Machine” tackles this concept.

It talks about how you can do marketing without investing in costly advertising and making the most out of the content that you can produce. It will help you figure out if content marketing is the path you should take for your business or not, or if it will encourage a boost in sales in the long run.

Content marketing is considered to be one of the latest and most effective ways to gain site traffic, but apparently, it’s more than that. It has paved the way for more foolproof marketing strategies.

Read on for tips and techniques on how you can be the best content marketer that you can be—with Dan Norris’ help, of course!

The Basics of Content Marketing

The book explains the step-by-step process through which you can formulate an effective content marketing strategy. There are chapters dedicated to the essence of the “quality over quantity” principle in content marketing, and how you can make this industry and your business jive together. From content creation to content promotion, readers will be equipped with the knowledge they need in launching a content marketing campaign.

“Blogger” vs. “Marketer”

Some people automatically think the main responsibility of a content marketer is just simply to write content. But as mentioned in the book, this is a common mistake that most content marketers commit. Some of them assume that their jobs stop at writing content or publishing blog posts, but they forget one important thing—they’re also marketing a business.

Though writing is an essential part, it is not enough to just wait it out until someone notices what you’ve made. Content Machine will help readers understand how vital it is not to rely on content writing alone; incorporating it into a business would be the right way to go. Also, the book presents ten characteristics of a high-growth business”, which will serve as your guide in determining the relationship between content marketing and your business.

Keeping Faith

Content marketers often get discouraged when results don’t work in their favor. It’s easy to give up especially when analytics gets too complicated, and you fail to get your message across through your content.

However, content marketing takes a lot of time and patience before you can get the outcome that you want. It doesn’t happen in a snap of a finger or a blink of an eye.

The book discusses the importance of building trust online, which is a crucial and difficult part of the whole process. Norris even shared some of his experiences in failing, as well as the lessons he learned that put him back in the game.

Content Machine teaches new and veteran content marketers alike how to take risks and believe in the potential of the content they’ve written that could help their businesses soar with high sales. Though having little shares or post hits in social networking platforms could be disconcerting, it pays a lot to be persistent and creative in thinking of how you can remedy this kind of situation.


I highly recommend that you purchase Content Machine. Aside from it being convenient to read because it’s in an e-book form, it is full of technical and practical lessons which you could apply to the business that you are putting up, regardless whether it is a start-up company or you’ve been in the industry for quite a while now.

According to Dan Norris, he sees one constant thing in the successful entrepreneurs that he knows—focus. It’s the ultimate deal; if you want to gain something good out of it, then you should get things done. Also, aside from focus, you should have that responsibility to deliver what you have promised to your customers. Seek help from those who know a lot more than you do, and never stop learning!