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When Blogging Meets Innovation: The New Divi Builder Plugin

As bloggers, most of us stick to the idea of tweaking our sites to our hearts’ content and optimizing our pages effectively so we can get the page traffic that we want. We search far and wide for the plugins that would suit our blogs, which would also give visitors a superb reading experience. In this day and age, themes and plugins can be found everywhere on the Internet and fortunately, there are already many sources where we can get reliable ones.


An example of the most recent plugin released this year is the Divi Builder plugin by Elegant Themes. It is a debut release—it is the first Divi product to be made available, with the rest being planned to come out shortly after.

The Divi Builder plugin allows you to transfer posts and other widgets from one page to another, from one site to the next. This plugin will help you in many ways, more than you can ever imagine. How so, you ask? Read on and see how the new Divi Builder plugin can improve your blogging experience!

The Convenience Card


The Divi Builder plugin will save you from the hassle of losing your posts and pages while transferring them to another theme or site. With it, you can only move your posts to any theme, without having to worry about broken pages and links.

If you have thousands of posts using Divi, and you suddenly decide to apply a different theme, you can just only install the Divi Builder plugin, and everything else will run smoothly.

What’s even more amazing is that this works for pages with different themes, too. The plugin will enhance the flexibility of your page and the theme’s ability to keep hold of your posts.

Another good thing about this plugin is that there would be no more migration process, and you can just click on the ‘Use Divi Builder’ button after it has been installed. In the previous version, the default post editor will still appear; with the new one, the Builder button will be displayed even if you are using a different theme.

If your posts are built using the Divi Theme, and you want the shortcodes to continue functioning even outside your current theme, then a standalone plugin is what you will need.

Room for Improvement

You may think that with the development of the Divi Builder plugin, the Divi Theme will change—apparently, it won’t. You can rest assured that its impressive performance would be maintained.

The only difference now is that Elegant Themes now bundles the plugin with the Divi Theme. This will no longer require you to install additional plugins, some of which won’t really be necessary over time. However, it is still a separate and optional plugin, but with a more defined framework that works best with the newly-remodeled Divi 2.4.

The Divi Builder plugin will also allow you to modify the content that you’ve made. For example, the content that you usually put on a post or page could still be created with the Divi Builder so you can take it to a higher notch. Great, isn’t it? With the new Divi Builder plugin, you get to manage your blog’s theme and contents efficiently and without much fuss.

I highly recommend that you install the Divi Builder plugin upon its forthcoming release. The plugin’s developers are working on the packaging of the whole thing, as well as users’ transition from the old version to the new one. You just have to keep yourself posted and eventually, you can use it for your page or site!