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Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Professional Blogger?

Yaro Starak, of Entrepreneur’s Journey has posted about what it takes to be a professional blogger. His post, while it doesn’t talk about me, is still full of some great information that those thinking about joining the industry should know.
Things like owning a niche, motivation, organization, and selling blogs.
One of the best tidbits in the post is his assessment of Steve Pavlina.

Steve Pavlina is perhaps one of the best examples of a blogger who could stop writing and currently doesn’t write every day (although he does write some nasty sized articles) and can expect reasonable income – very high income compared to most bloggers and salary workers – for many months and even years to come thanks to his blog archives.
I can’t see Steve losing his traffic since he has so many sources of it. Not just Google and search engines, but the millions of incoming links from blogs, other sites and social networks and all kinds of communication channels both online and offline, and the no doubt the most powerful source – offline word of mouth, to bring in visitors.
As much of a shining success story Steve’s is, most people have to accept they are not like him, they don’t blog in a topic so widely applicable (how’s “the human race” as a target market!), they don’t have his gift for teaching with words, they haven’t the self awareness raising experience and education to draw from for content. The fact is the quality of his content and the size of the niche he dominates makes him a very rare case – a gifted blogger if you will.

Check out the post before you try to make the leap to Problogging. You might just realize it isn’t what you thought it was.