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Don’t Just Depend on Akismet

Many of use stopped using our anti-comment spam tools when Automattic, the WordPress folks, came out with their service, Akismet. It works well, it seems to learn how to defend our blogs against new types of spam comments, and has been stopping millions of spam for those using it.
The problem is, we have really put all of our eggs in one basket, and sometimes things don’t work as well as they should.
Even here at BloggingPro we still get a fair bit of comment spam, and really I shake my head, realizing that it is because when the service is down or not working decently we are left open to problems.
From the Akismet blog:

Load-wise we’ve been fine, but there has been some reduced effectiveness the past week, especially with the “nonsense spam” of random characters and domains.

But realistically, we should understand that no service can be 100%, and we should be prepared for such problems, interruptions in service, or just someone spamming in a way that Akismet does not defend from.
So don’t leave yourself open to spam, get some other tools to cover what Akismet misses. I think many people would suggest giving Bad Behavior 2 a try, but I can’t say for certain how good or bad it is, as I have never used it.