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Duncan Leaves b5media

In a shocking note on b5media’s blog, it looks like one of the founders, and noted VP of Development for b5media has left the team. After a visit to Toronto to meet the other founding members and talking about the future of b5media, Duncan found himself with what he considers a wound in his back.

I won’t share my thoughts about Toronto until I get back home, but suffice to say it may have been more enjoyable under different circumstances. But time to go now, the wounds in my back are twitching and I’ll got to go and sign some papers.

From b5media:

The last few weeks have been very exciting for b5media, but we are sad to announce that effective immediately Duncan Riley is leaving b5.
Over the last year, Duncan made a tremendous contribution to the company, the culture and the community here at b5media. In fact, it was an email from Duncan which fuelled the discussion that eventually led to b5’s creation.
Duncan is to pursue personal projects, and from our experience over the last year we are confident that he will only go on to bigger and better things over the next months and years.

What a shocking development. It does not look like this was a choice that Duncan made, but was instead forced to make. I look forward to hearing more about the change, and how it was a good move for both b5media and Duncan. I hope everything turns out for the best. In any company there are changes in all levels, and I hope this only means that b5media is ready to move forward faster.
I also wish all the best for Duncan. Any project he puts his name to seems to do really well. So without knowing what his plans are, I can only say that any blog network would be super lucky to get him. So if you have some serious cash, throw it his way, and maybe he will help you reach blogosphere stardom.