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eBay has a Typepad Blog

I was browsing my normal feeds today and somehow I got to, a Typepad blog that is used by eBay employees to talk about what is going on with the business, and the community that surrounds it. They also include posts on Paypal and Skype which are both owned by eBay.

A couple weeks ago the eBay Motors folks were out celebrating — the two millionth passenger vehicle had just been sold in the U.S. I went for the food – and to snag a quote or two and get some pictures for the blog. Drew Lieberman, VP for Motors, summarized why this was a big deal: “I think this accomplishment is a testimony to the vitality and innovation of the eBay community. If you go back a few years, you would have heard that there was no way the Internet would be a viable solution for buying and selling a vehicle.”

The design is very eBay and so in my mind, not very elegant, but it looks like they have been posting consistantly since the end of May. Commenting does not occur on the blog at all, but instead redirects you to a forum to post your thoughts, very odd in my opinion.
If you are a Typepad fan, and like eBay, you can now use Chatter, to convince others to follow in your footsteps and sign up for a Typepad account.