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Everybody Wants to Be a Blogger

I Want Media has a great interview with Josh Quittner, the editor of Business 2.0, and a new shift the magazine is making by asking every journalist at the magazine to create a blog.

Josh Quittner: I’ve asked all of my journalists to create a blog. It’s an experiment in response to a lot of thinking I’ve been doing about Om Malik and the great success we had with him while he was on staff full time.
I loved the daily interactions he was having with his community of readers. It made him sharper and more valuable to me at the magazine. And so I thought, how can we encourage our people to do a similar thing?
I went to my people and said, I want you all to start blogs. The only requirement is that the blog has some kind of a connection to business. Erick Schonfeld will continue to run our current blog, called B2Day, as his personal blog. We’re going to launch a “super blog” that will serve as an umbrella for the 18 to 20 people who will blog for us.

It is great to see companies adopt blogging more and more, but to basically force it onto your staff, I think that’s a little silly and maybe a bit overboard. I can understand Business 2.0 wanting to recapture the “celebrity” status that Om helped create for the magazine, but I don’t like how they are going about it.