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7 Examples of High Converting Landing Pages

Here’s the thing:

Not only do your landing pages need to be pretty, but you also need to make sure that they can convert readers into customers.

Otherwise, what’s the point?

In this post, you’ll find a collection of landing pages that get the job done. We’ll also discuss what makes each page so special and effective.

These are seven examples of high-converting landing pages you can use as inspiration for your website.


7 examples of landing pages - muzzle

The Muzzle App does one thing — it prevents private notifications from showing while you’re sharing your screen. After all, you don’t want embarrassing messages to pop up while everyone is looking.

But how do you build an entire landing page around one product?

Muzzle kept it simple. Instead of overexplaining the product, it highlights the problem it’s trying to solve. After the page loads, you’re shown examples of awkward messages you’d rather keep private.

It’s a funny way of selling an audience on a product and a perfect example of the show-don’t-tell approach to building landing pages.


7 examples of landing pages - promo

Promo is a company that helps users create stunning videos for advertisers and social media influencers.

They clearly know their audience. And it shows.

The homepage has attention-grabbing videos you’ve come to expect online today. The company leverages its media assets to draw you in.

Visual content can help you boost conversions. Buffer even has a study that says consumers are 85% more likely to buy after they watch a video about the product. The same study also shows that videos multiply monthly site visits three times.

So if you have video content to spare, we suggest using them on your landing pages.


7 examples of landing pages - teambit

It doesn’t have to be videos though. You can also use images to spice up your landing page and drive home your point.

Teambit, an HR software company, makes use of illustrations to tell the story of their product.

And thanks to the different characters you meet as you scroll down, the site is able to keep your attention as you’re given a tour of what the app can do for your company.

Want to use images for your site but don’t know how? Here are some tips on how professional marketers draw attention using visuals for landing pages.

Tyres on the Drive

7 examples of landing pages - tyres on the drive

Tyres on the Drive is a UK-based tire replacement service. The company’s landing page is great because everything you need to know is immediately clear.

Their main selling point, next-day tire fitting at home or at work, is the first thing you notice. You’re also shown their Trustpilot rating and its association with Halford’s. You can browse for a specific tire by brand, by tire type, or by vehicle.

While this sort of layout isn’t unique, it’s one of the effective ones. Give your customers all the information they’ll need right away. This will encourage more users to convert.


7 examples of landing pages - wistia

Wistia is a software developer that lets users create their own video player.

Their landing page is so simple and clean. Right away, visitors can check out Wistia’s explainer video. Since Wistia is a visual product, the company is able to explain their product better in video format.

Not only are you shown what the product can do, but you’re seeing the product itself in action as the video plays.

Scrolling down reveals some of the other features and advantages you can expect from Wistia.

You will even see some of the original videos that the company produced. This allows you to see what type of videos you can produce for your own brand.


7 examples of landing pages - ooba

Ooba is an example of what a great call-to-action can do for your brand.

Ooba finds you the best home loan deals. And their call-to-action is hard to ignore. They offer you two buttons to choose from — “What can I afford?” and “Apply for a bond”.

Clicking “What can I afford?” redirects you to a bond calculator. Here you can see the amount you can qualify for and your monthly repayment amount based on your monthly gross income and other factors you set.

Clicking on “Apply for a bond” takes you to the application page.

The calculator is a nice touch given how it helps users decide if a home loan is a good option for them or not.

7 examples of landing pages - has an interactive page where users can determine how debt relief can help them.

You’re asked different questions like how much debt you have and how far behind are you on your payments.

Then, in the end, you enter your name, phone number, and email address. It’s a great way to generate new leads while providing users something of value in return.

These are just a few examples of high-converting landing pages. If you want information on tools that can help you build landing pages, refer to this list of landing page builders so you can recreate the pages featured in this post.

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