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Expression Engine 1.6 Released

Expression Engine, a popular CMS, has got a new version out there which is supposed to be pretty slick. One of the features highlighted by many people is an add-on of sorts that allows for one Expression Engine install to manage multiple sites, called simply enough the Multiple Site Manager.
Something that you need to know about the add-on though is that it costs extra money. The Multiple Site Manager will set you back $199.95 for a commercial license and $79.95 for a non-commercial license and enables you to manage 3 sites. Adding additional sites can be purchased on a per-instance basis for $49.95 (commercial license) and $24.95 (personal license).
Veerle, whom I am a huge fan of, has written a post on the new version, and seems rather excited about the whole thing. Coming from the free and open source arena of things, I am a little underwhelmed at this point. I know Expression Engine is great, I just don’t see how the price is justified for personal projects.