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Facebook Pages for Your Blog, What Are You Waiting For? RSS Graffiti Is Your Friend

We all know it now, Facebook’s the new Myspace and Google all in one. There’s no way to escape it anymore. I have been sceptical about Facebook for years, especially because of privacy issues and occasionally strange changes to the ToS, but there’s no way round anymore. If you have a blog, your blog should be on Facebook.

No matter whether you like the platform or not. It’s a major traffic boost and recently even became the first social network users will check to discover breaking news.

I will continue to argue that not all content does as well on Facebook but you should at least have a Facebook page for your blog. The proof’s in the pudding.


Facebook often can drive more traffic to your site, on the awesome ForeverGeek Facebook has replaced Twitter as second traffic referrer after StumbleUpon (and Google of course).


SEO benefits of Facebook pages are rather minimal because outgoing links are nofollow. But a quick Google search for bloggingpro explains why you should get your Facebook fan page. Similar results are seen for all our main blogs.

RSS Graffiti: Automated Smart Feed Import To Your Facebook Page

For a long time the main issue when deciding whether to use Facebook, and how to use your page, turned around what’s the best way to automate the import of my content to my page?. The Facebook RSS importer is a national disaster, Networked Blogs was an option, albeit a poor one.

Times have changed though and with RSS Graffiti this process can now be automated, in a smart way, favourable to boost your traffic.

First you have to allow the RSS Graffiti application and then you can allow the application to automate the import and post to your Facebook page.

Settings and configuration are really simple and once done you can manage multiple Facebook pages without having to manually add every entry published to the fan page.

If you own a blog, RSS Graffiti is a must have application on Facebook. So much more time to spend playing Zynga poker or to litter everyone’s wall with your links!

Buttonitis: No or No?

The only thing left to do now is to decide how to implement your Facebook fan widget and whether to integrate a Facebook Share button or not. Here at BloggingPro we are no fans of buttonitis and will not add a button farm to our design. Experience web masters, bloggers will know what social networks perform best for what content. If you run a news site, a celebrity site, a football blog or a geek blog, your Facebook page will be golden and might outperform Twitter referrals. If your site is about blogging, Twitter will perform better and there’s no need to place your Facebook Fan Widget in a premium spot or litter your design with a Share button. It’s your call to make, your page will see organic growth but you have to decide whether it’s worth a premium spot or not.

Did you become a fan of BloggingPro on Facebook already?