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False Positives of Spam Management

We here at Blogging Pro try to use a variety of different Anti-comment spam tools, but the most effective one thus far has been manually taking a look at everything, and Abe Olandres of the Blog Herald, has recently poured through his Akismet flagged list, and found some false positives.
He also gives some tips to the Akismet team in new additions he’d like to the tool for dealing with going through flagged comments. I have to agree with him on most of his recommendations, and so I figured I’d post them here.
Are you listening Automattic?

  • Ability to delete all spam entries on a “per page” basis. Right now, all you can do is delete ALL spam and that could include the legit ones.
  • Categorize all flagged entries as either spam comments or spam trackbacks. The trackbacks will be fewer so you’ll easily spot the real ones from the fake ones.
  • Ability to filter spam by the ff. parameters – number of links per entry, type of language/characters used, originating IP addresses, email, or even the length of comments.
  • … and maybe even a spam intensity rating filter: smells like spam, spammy, spammier, spammiest.

Check out his full post at the Blog Herald, which includes tips on how to find false postives in your flagged list.