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Tips to a Faster Loading WordPress Site

A fast loading site is all the craze now and with good reason.

According to this infographic at KISSmetrics,

25% of visitors leaving your site because its loads four seconds or more means lost revenue.

Without those visitors, it will be more difficult for you to meet your goals.

Without meeting your goals, you will not come up with profit to cover the costs of operating your site.

If this trend continues, expect to shut down your site in due time.

To avoid this, you need to make your site load at the fastest time possible!

If you are running your site or blog using WordPress, you are in luck. Below are plugins and tools that optimize your website speed. Using these will retain most of your visitors.

Web hosting

Choosing a shared hosting for your website or blog is a sound decision at first. You get to lower your costs and maximize your earnings potential.

But if your site gains steam and receives lots of traffic, your site will most likely load slower.

Your hosting service provider may not manage the requests coming in from the browsers of users.

This is why you must invest in using a managed VPS or dedicated web hosting. Both cost more than the basic shared hosting, but they can take on thousands of traffic without compromising site speed.

Two of the most trustworthy hosting services out there are Bluehost and HostGator.

If you are subscribed to a shared hosting plan, you might consider upgrading your account. This is if you are already experiencing slower loading time with your site. You do not want to wait until it is impossible to recover your lost visitors due to having a slow website.

Content Delivery Network

To make it easier for hosting servers to transfer content to visitors, use a known content delivery network (CDN).

What this does it lift the load of incoming requests from the hosting server. The CDN will take care of distributing the load to its servers located at different places. 2015-09-02 16-19-00

The nearest server to the users will deliver the content of the site to their browsers. This results to a faster loading website.

CDN has other benefits aside from making your website to load faster. Click here to read our post at Spyre Studios.

Cache plugin

The concept behind cache plugins is to deliver a static version of the siter page to visitors. Without a cache plugin, the site directs visitors to the dynamic version, which loads much slower.

fgp7b4mIWordPress (and most content managed sites) dynamically generates pages on the fly which requires multiple calls to your database to retrieve the various content elements. By caching these dynamically generated pages visitors see plain HTML pages instead.  This significantly lowers the loading times and the strain on your server. - Philip Blomsterberg, Benchmarking the Fastest WordPress Cache Plugins

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Two of the most popular cache plugins for WordPress are WP Super Cache and W3 Total Cache. We have a guide using the former, which you can read here.


The great thing with the aforementioned cache plugins is their compatibility with CDN to make your site load even faster. For instance, you can use WP Super Cache along with leading CDN service provider Incapsula as explained at Blogging Wiki .Net.

Image Optimization

Loading images from your site eats up a lot of bandwidth. This is true especially if your images are not optimized.

Optimizing your images means reducing the size without reducing noticeable quality. This can be done by adjusting the size and compression level to achieve a smaller image file size.

Doing this may be time-consuming if you have lots of images to optimize. This is why you should download and activite a plugin like or in your WordPress site.

Once activated, the plugin will automatically reduce the file size of the images once uploaded.

AvSqkyAK[Bulk] compresses all old images on your WordPress image folder and this is very helpful in reducing your load time for old posts. In case, if you have a huge blog or blog with tons of images, you might like to put your blog in maintainance mode and compress all old images.Harsh Agrawal, WordPress Plugin: Compresses Image Size for Faster Loading

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Using the featured tools above should help you build a faster WordPress site. This way, you would not have to worry about losing potential clients and customers for your business.

Did we forget any tools or tactics for a faster loading WordPress site? Comment below with your answers!

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