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Finding Web Hosting

Lorelle is having issues with her web host, and wanted suggestions on what host to switch to. People have many answers, but they are sometimes conflicting. Is Dreamhost good or bad?

No, I’m not moving Lorelle on WordPress. In spite of the limitations, I adore blogging on my blog.
However, for over three years I’ve been dealing with a web host from hell for several of my other blogs.
It began with promises of less than 24 hours to activate my site and transfer the domain which turned into six weeks of hell, excuses, and lousy customer support. The horrors continued with massive site downtimes, excuses for lousy service, failure to upgrade PHP, MySQL, and Apache so I couldn’t even have permalinks until recently, copy and paste online technical support, and then the killer of lowering the database access level without warning by over 75% and claiming that one of my blogs crashed the shared database and I was to blame. They lowered the number. They continue to blame WordPress and my blog for being the troublemaker. I’ve had WordPress experts go in and dig around and all come up with the answer that this web host sucks.

Well, I suggest that web directories are a helpful tool in assessing if a host is good or not. I suggest checking out the Web Hosting Directory that Blog Flux has as a good start. There are more and more reviews on there each day about different companies.
It definitely helps to get an overall picture of a host before signing up with them. While I am sure everyone has a recommendation on which host to pick, I am more interested in why people pick a certain host. Did you deal with their customer service early on, and have a great experience? Were you given a test account? What made you pick a host, other than cost?