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Finding Your Audience

One issue that tends to be common with all blogs is trying to find and build an audience. It’s especially tough for new and younger blogs, but it will almost never become a non-issue regardless a large or popular a blog gets. There is always room for more readers, and keeping the ones you have is always a struggle.
If you’re looking for some tips on how to get (and keep) an audience for your blog, then a recent post on called “Where do you find an audience for your blog?” might interest you.
Here’s a sample from the Twitter section…

If you’re not on twitter, join now. Use to search keywords in your niche and find the people who are talking about your topic. Jump in; join the conversation. Follow those people and respond to their questions or contribute to the discussion.
You can also use or the alerts feature on to have emails sent when your keywords are mentioned on twitter.
Make sure your blog posts are being fed into your twitter stream by setting up I’d say about 40-50% of my blog traffic now comes from twitter.

The tips focus mainly on participating wherever your target audience is hanging out. Be in forums, facebook, twitter, or wherever else, and being a helpful member of those communities.
Interacting with your readers is key. If you can interact on their terms, rather than only on your own site, people are much more likely to check out your blog/site/etc.
At the bottom of the post there’s even a bonus audio program called “How to Drive Qualified Traffic to Your Blog.” which is well worth a listen, and it’s free, so there’s no reason not to check it out.