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Struggling Blogger? 5 Tips to Help Dominate Your Niche

Finding Your Blogging Niche is Only Half the Battle…

In the blogging business, the general rule of thumb is to find a relatively competitive market, and then focus on a less-populated section. This helps you create not only a laser-targeted niche site, but also a helpful authority site.

But what if you are failing even after working on your blog with everything you’ve got? Let’s explore some potential areas to improve, and how to best approach your current situation.

Niche Down (Again)

You have probably drilled down a specific market, but still seem to be struggling to gain momentum – even after promoting it to the best of your ability. The question is, what other niches within your market can you explore? Can you go back and reassess how competitive your current niche is? What are some of the top websites appearing on Google? And if you’re not relying on search engines, how strong is your social media and email marketing presence?

Simply put, drill down on the niche until you carve out something new, different, and/or better. If you are passionate about WordPress, for instance, you could certainly succeed by focusing on all WP themes and plugins under the sun. A slightly better idea, however, might be to focus on a specific area such as reviewing the best membership plugins.

Analyze Existing Players

There is already an authority figure in virtually every industry and niche, from internet marketing to health and fitness. Compare your blogging strategy with those that are already successful as a means to learn from your mistakes. What are you missing that they seem to be good at?

This one can be tricky, as most people are likely bringing good value to the table and you are no exception, either. However, pay attention to the small details including, but not limited to: How they break down their advice, how far they go toward helping others (do they provide their Skype account or even a public phone line?) look into their personality, sense of humor, their copywriting skills, and everything you can read between the lines.

Finding your blogging niche requires careful analysis. Thriving within it requires learning from the best, and then surpassing them.

Identify With Your Audience

As I briefly mentioned above, being personable is often a much better marketing strategy than throwing dollars into an advertising campaign. Are you a nameless figure within your niche? Is your avatar the picture of an inanimate object? How much do you come off as a fellow human being?

Identifying with your audience also means showing some flaws, despite your end-goal of becoming an authority in your field. Talk about your prior experiences and how they made you fail, all while ending it on a high note to spark motivation and relate to your average reader. Authority and vast experience certainly helps, but humility is what sustains your connection with your audience.

Stand Out Like a Sore Thumb

blog niche ideas

You hardly see blogs packed with 300-word articles anymore, and that’s probably a great thing.

Becoming an authority now requires you to be the go-to person for every possible detail there is to know about your chosen subject. This means including insightful data, case studies, experiments, and even taking controversial risks.

To expand a bit more on the risk factor, lets briefly acknowledge Drew Manning, a professional fitness trainer who purposely gained – and subsequently lost – 70lbs merely to better understand his clients.

Keeping the above example in mind, how far are you willing to go to dominate your niche?

Know When to Quit

There are countless tips to dominate a niche, and most are quite approachable with the right strategy (outsourcing some of your work, scheduling certain tasks, among others).

Sometimes, sadly, a market may be so competitive (even after carving a more focused niche) that it may not be worth pursuing if you are losing too many resources over it. In such cases, gather everything you learned from the experience, taking special notes of your mistakes, and apply this knowledge to the next market of interest.

Final Thoughts

Just about anyone can start a niche blog and gain a certain amount of traffic, but the end-goal is to build an audience so loyal that losing your footing could almost prove devastating.

This blog post touched upon some interesting points, but there are still many other ways to ensure you dominate your niche. Be sure to read helpful articles like this one, and also this one, to assist in finding your blogging niche and expand your knowledge even further.

Have you failed in a particular niche even after giving it your best shot? What do you think went wrong, in your opinion? Please leave your comment below!

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