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Fine Fools Community

A case study by the Scrivs of 9rules fame, comes the Fine Fools Community. An amazing series of content or topic specific blogs that have been quickly growing due to a great team of writers.
In in short amount of time, the blogs have grown quickly, and many people have taken notice.
In two weeks the sites have gone from almost unknown on Technorati, to pretty well ranked in comparison to many sites on the listing service.
Two Weeks Ago:
I Like Cameras – Rank 775,745 (0 links from 0 sites)
It’s Useless – Rank 775,745 (1 link from 1 site)
October 10th:
I Like Cameras: 72,535 (45 links from 27 sites)
It’s Useless: 151,2459 (27 link from 13 sites)

Again this is by no means close to perfect, but it does provide us with a picture of how well the sites are growing, if they are growing at all.

The main interest of these blogs for writers was that they provide 100% of the revenue on the writers own posts. This means that Paul Scrivens only earns revenue on the advertisements on the main area of the site.
It looks like the format is working out well for him. The sites are very innovative and interesting. Check them out through the community page at