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Fire Extinguisher Expert, I Truly Enjoyed The Drinks Last Night

Even nerds and always online people have a life so it was a slight surprise when last night I found myself at the pub instead of online and more so when I found myself enjoying a frozen one while not attending some kind of conference or WordCamp.

The truth though is that I wasn’t the only online specialist there: my fellow bloggers Fire Extinguisher Expert, SEO Expert and Financial Spreadbetting all were there as well and it didn’t take long before the focus changed, switched to the eternal debate around blog traffic.
Fire Ex, that’s how his friends call him, SEO dude and Financial actually are really cool people but the problem is, no one knows who they are or their name and they are obsessed by only one thing: traffic. Traffic to their website.

Every time you meet them it all revolves about the same and they will do their best to engage in a conversation but they resemble those guys you meet at conferences, the ones who always tend to hand out their business card even before saying ‘Hi’.
Hanging out with them generally is cool and sometimes Fire Extinguisher Expert will even go as far as paying several rounds of drinks, even for friends, in the hope that I invite even more friends and he can brag about his awesome skills and cheap products. The truth though, although the tequila shots tend to make our nights together better, is that they all have something to about EVERYTHING but don’t provide any added value whatsoever. All they care about is to make sure that they are faster with their business cards than Lucky Luke‘s shadow.

In all honesty, it’s annoying and when stepping away from the computer I would rather not see them and the same applies to the comments they leave on blogs.

Don’t get me wrong, Fire Ex, SEO Dude and Financial are cool dudes. Interior Designs even occasionally sounds as if he has something interesting to say and in our group we are slightly more tolerant to him, we just tell him not to hand out his cards. Here on BloggingPro though we are not tolerant at all and mercilessly mark all no-value comments without genuine commenter name as spam or remove the URL field.
Our comment policy reads:

We highly encourage you to use a name and not ‘keyword’ spam for the name field in the comments. We reserve the right to remove the linked URL if your ‘name’ consists of merely keywords and might even mark your comments as spam, even if your comments are valid and add value to the discussion. Your friends at the pub do not call you ‘fire extinguisher expert’ either.

Personally I would even consider to automate moderation even more and not accept any comments if the commenter doesn’t have an own Gravatar. I do know that many a valid comment would be deleted but it would at the same time filter even more spam comments out. Comment spam is a hot topic here at Splashpress Media and every day we spend lots of time to delete illegitimate comments in our network. We use several plugins to filter comments and manually moderate as well but still have not found a solution filtering comments even better. How do you deal with Fire Extinguisher Expert, SEO Expert and FInancial Spreadbetting?

Photo Credit: Photo by Irregular Shed.