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Five Common Myths about Working From Home

Over on Panasonic Youth there is a post relating to the five most common myths about working from home. It is not entirely blog related, though most probloggers or even part time probloggers probably work from home. I am one of those people. I work from home currently, and I am really sick of people believing these myths are reality.

You have less distractions. The entire summer there was road construction right outside my house, with the constant beeping of dump trucks in reverse a solid three hours in the morning. Then there were the days were they were jackhammering and moving concrete – it literally shook my whole office, and I’m in the second floor. Family and friends think because you work from home that you can chat whenever and as long as they want, so there are awkward conversations where I’ve had to explain that I can’t be on the phone all afternoon. The type of distraction might be different, but there are still plenty of things to steal your attention.
You can work whenever you want. Maybe if you are a solo freelancer or working with just a few other people, this is true. If you have any sort of company structure, you probably have to be online and answering IM’s at least for a few dependable hours a day. Factor in keeping a schedule for family or social life, and you will probably want to maintain a rough 9 to 5 schedule even if you don’t have to. Yes, the schedule is much more flexible and I’ve done plenty of late night hacking, but you still need to consider your company or family needs.

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