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Five Steps to a Truly Unique Blog

Copyblogger recently posted a guide on creating a unique blog that attracts readers and revenue. He goes through each of his five points in detail, though most of his points are fairly broad and thus he can’t really drill it down.
My favorite of the five tips is number three, “Identify the Difference”:

What fresh angle are your competitors missing out on? Often, you’ll have a clearer view of something that another blogger is touching but not capitalizing on. They’re too busy writing the blog to see it, or are locked into a certain theme, while you have the benefit of an outside view and a clean slate. What is incidental to them may be your ticket to a unique new approach that works.
Another tactic is to mentally abandon the way things are currently done in your field. Just as many business innovators draw on best practices from other fields in order to shake up their own, look at other blogging approaches. Will they work in your field?
Why not?

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