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Five Tips for Overcoming Burnout

Over on BrainFuel there is a post that gives some tips to deal with and overcome burnout. Everyone gets it from time to time, and I know I have gone weeks without blogging before I started working as one, and so these are things we should all remember to try.

  • Schedule your projects
  • Let your clients or your boss know you are behind
  • Get some exercise
  • Figure out which project is giving you the most grief
  • Go to the bookstore

He also gives a bonus tip, but I won’t reveal it here, you will have to go to BrainFuel to get it, and the thoughts behind it.
On getting some exercise. You’d think this would be counterintuitive, but it really does help. I have been working with a personal trainer, and on the days I take an hour out of my day to go to the gym, I am actually more productive than the days that I don’t.