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FlatPress: The Flat File Blogging Software

WordPress needs a MySQL database, unfortunately that doesn’t always work for those without access to one, and now a solution is being created called FlatPress.
While the name sounds similar to WordPress, and some of the look and feel might be the same, the creator assures us that it is a different beast, though he wishes it could be completely comparable to WordPress.
Some things to note, some WordPress plugins do work with minor changes under FlatPress, but no themes will work as FlatPress uses the Smarty template engine but there have already been a few ports of popular themes for FlatPress.
From Lorelle on WordPress’ translation of the Italian text:

The main difference between WordPress and FlatPress is that FlatPress does not require MySQL in order to work. This feature benefits those who do not want to spend a lot of money for a hosted stie with a MySQL database, great for low cost hosting and saving money. The other characteristics that render this interesting blog engine are: the adhesion to xhtml 1,1, use of Smarty for the management of the graphical templates, the possibility to import post from SimplePHPBlog (other blog engine based on flat-rows).

Looks interesting enough. I wish the developers luck with such a project. Those looking to use it, please remember that on popular websites, flat files are not the best way to store information.