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Follow Nearly Every Automattic Employee on Twitter

First off, I wanted to say, “when did Automattic become such a big company?” I remember looking at their employee list, and seeing a dozen names, and it has ballooned much larger since then, but thankfully, even though many of them don’t blog consistently, they keep a strong presence on Twitter.
Raanan Bar-Cohen – Media Engineer
Ryan Boren – Engineer
Sam Bauers – Coderoo
Anthony Bubel – Happiness Engineer
Lloyd Budd – Digital Entomologist
Jon Fox – Title Pending
Noel Jackson – Stylist
Isaac Keyet – Design Junkie
Marianne Masculino – Happiness Engineer
Nick Momrik – Happiness Engineer
Matt Mullenweg – CBBQTT
Donncha O Caoimh – Murphy’s Quality Control
Thorsten Ott – Bug Zapper
Andy Peatling – Social Engineer
Michael Pick – Lightbulb Engineer
Warwick Poole – Systemologist
Heather Rasley – The Deputy
Mark Riley – Support Maven
Joseph Scott – Bug Exorcist
Alex Shiels – Code Bloke
Andy Skelton – Code Wrangler
Matt Thomas – The Detailer
Jane Wells – Libation Engineer
Of course there are about four or so missing from this list, as they don’t seem to have a Twitter account I can easily find, and this list doesn’t even include the project focused Twitter accounts or other accounts related to these people. This is just their primary Twitter accounts, so if you have wanted to follow them, now you can.