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Free Teleclass from vAssistant

vAssistant Services, a provider of WordPress coaching, consulting and tutoring, is having a free teleclass on May 7th.

No matter where you are with your site/blog, you’ve probably got some questions.
This week, get them answered.
Whether you’re struggling with the concept of how to accomplish something on your site, or the actual “how to” to get it done, bring your questions to this call.

Sounds like it could be pretty interesting for anyone looking for some advice on how to push their WordPress blog to the next level. You can get more info and register for the call right here, and don’t forget to check back for when they start accepting questions to be sure you get any questions you might have submitted to be answered. It’s a great opportunity to get some free WordPress related advice you’d normally have to pay a pretty penny for.
As an added bonus, they’ve got a free ebook about WordPress you can download from the same page, and actually pretty good. A bit on the “beginner” side, but useful none-the-less.